Pros and Cons of building "serverlessly"

Note: Coalesce was a small start-up attempt. It was basically an Airtable competitor. I closed it down in 2020.

I'm bullish on serverless. I know the name is annoying because yes, there are still servers, but from the serverless user's perspective, it doesn't really matter!

I built Coalesce on serverless tech and wanted to list some of the nice and not-so-nice things I've experienced with the services that I've used so far.

First, a quick list of the services I'm using for the Coalesce app (everything's on AWS):

Also, the marketing site is on Netlify.



What other Pros & Cons did I forget? Do you think the tradeoffs are worth it? I've only used AWS really; how do GCP/azure compare and what other services should I be looking at?

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